Top Ten Road Trip Must-Have’s

Woo! It has been such a crazy week! We said goodbye to Pullman and moved closer to family in Vancouver, had an amazing July 4th, and began looking at homes. It’s been great seeing our loved ones and getting adjusted to the area, but I have really missed writing! Before we moved, I planned on giving some tips on cruising (which I will still do in the upcoming weeks!) but decided that with having moved so many times in the past few years, I would tell you about my Top 10 Road Trip necessities that anyone traveling any distance should consider.

I have moved from Nevada to California, California to Washington, Washington to Indiana and then back again. These were all long, long drives, but I learned what items would make a tedious drive (or even an exciting road trip) a little easier.

  1. First-Aid Kit/ Personal Needs Kit: Band-aids, Neosporin, eye drops, tissues, Advil, Tums, antibacterial, sunscreen, baby wipes, feminine products…you get the picture. You never know when a headache will come on or when you have to stop at a less than sterilized gas station.
  2. Water Bottle- It is always tempting to grab a coffee or energy drink, especially when you know you’re going to be on the road for awhile, but water is actually better for keeping you alert as well as hydrated. If you’re like me, your cup holder is filled with miscellaneous items, which is why I love Vapur bottles. I’ve talked about them in a previous post, but couldn’t leave them out of my list. These are amazing because they don’t take up any space when they’re empty and better for the environment as they are refillable.
  3. Lunch-Packing your own lunch is a healthier option and will not only save you a stop, it will also save you money. We picked up a personal cooler at Fred Meyers and it has been essential for all of our road trips. I know all the fun snacks are more appealing, but when you are on the road for several hours a day already feeling crummy, chips and cookies will make you feel worse. TRUST ME. Instead go for almonds, trail mix, nutrition bars, dried/fresh fruit, baby carrots, Popchips, and rice cakes.
  4. Extra blanket/towel- I know it sounds weird, but I always keep an extra towel in my car. It has come to great use for spills, overnight trips, resting in the car and for spontaneous trips to the beach. I love love love my Sand Cloud towel and recommend it for everyone! They have different designs, they’re super soft and 10% of the proceeds go to protecting our oceans and marine life. Click here to receive 25% off your purchase!
  5. Roadside Emergency Kit: No one wants to think about having car problems, but they can happen and it is better to be prepared than sorry. We picked up a kit from Walmart for $20 and it gives us piece of mind. We’ve been fortunate not to have had to use it for ourselves, but we have jumped a few people’s cars who were very grateful!
  6. Music/Podcasts/Audio Books: Having driven from WA to IN alone for 5 days, I can tell you that it seems to drag on and on when you have no one to talk to and you’re trying to conserve your phone’s battery. Download some podcasts/audio books and create playlists that will keep you from falling asleep.
  7. Phone Charger: Speaking of dead batteries, you should never have one during a road trip. EVER. For $10 on Amazon, you can maintain peace of mind.
  8. Sunglasses: Whether you have $10 or $150 sunglasses, you should keep some on you to protect your eyes and avoid the 4:00 glare.
  9. Trash bag: Of any sort. It will save you the headache of cleaning out your vehicle later on! We usually just use old plastic grocery bags, but you can get an actual compact trash can for the car.
  10. Neck Pillow: If you’re fortunate enough to have a second driver and you’re able to safely catch some shut eye, this pillow is the bomb. We bought it for our plane ride back from Vegas, but I bring it however and whenever we travel. It is a super soft, memory foam neck pillow that supports your neck, but allows you to rest comfortably.

Road tripping is truly an incredible way to discover new places and also to discover yourself! I would not have witnessed the most beautiful scenery and charming towns had I gone by plane. The items above are useful in making whatever journey you go on more enjoyable. View the pics below of the various road trips I’ve been on!

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Are there any other items you use that make your road trips simpler? Comment below! Xo

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