Where Has July Gone?

I cannot believe July is almost over! I had anticipated having three new posts by now, but with moving and my book, I have not had the time šŸ˜¬.

“Book?” You say. Yes, my book! I started it in January of this past year and am thrilled that it will be DONE next week, before my birthday.  

I didn’t begin writing it with the intention of having it finished by a certain deadline, but the timing has worked out to where I will be able to say I completed my first fiction before turning 24. Pretty cool!

However, I feel guilty for not having written any travel posts. Having just moved to the Portland area, I thought it would be fitting that I tell you all the places to hit up when you visit! This will be available on Tuesday, 7/25! I will also be talking more about my fiction in the next week, so like and follow my blog so you won’t miss out!


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