5 Cruising Myths Debunked

1. “Cruising costs too much money.”

Like any vacation, you have to know your budget, but cruising on a lower budget is completely doable!! You can choose the cruise line, the length of the trip, your cabin style, the excursions you choose and where you go to lower flight costs. Look in advanced because once you have chosen your itinerary, you can make payments every couple months instead of having to pay it all upfront! I will also mention that when it is paid off, you won’t have any other costs (other than shopping or specialty dining if you choose) because buffets, room service and the main restaurants are included!

2. “You’ll get food poisoning.”

Sure, you’ve seen on the news a few stories about travelers getting sick while on a cruise, BUT with the amount of cruises that take place each week, every year…it’s like saying you won’t get on a plane because one crashed. I think this also depends on which cruise line you choose, but because of the bad press from a couple years back, most lines have seriously stepped up and have improved their system. For example, food is not sitting out longer than it should (I noticed how quickly the trays were being replaced) and there are dozens of hand sanitizing stations throughout the entire ships. In fact, there were specific crew staff whose job was to stand at the front of the restaurant and make sure that passengers were using the sanitizer.

Tip: If you’re really concerned, be one of the first in line at the buffets.

3. “It’s scary being in the middle of the ocean with no land nearby.”

I can definitely see why being in the middle of the ocean is a little uncomfortable, however cruise ships are like floating hotels. The promenade, restaurants, theater, arcade, salon and spa, pool area, casinos, gym and cabin rooms make you forget that you’re even on a ship! If you’ve never gone before and are a bit apprehensive, I suggest going on a 3-5 day cruise and seeing how you do! It also helps that cruise ships must have more lifeboats and life vests than there are passengers (unlike the Titanic if that’s where your fear comes from). In addition, they go through a Muster Drill with all passengers so that in the very unlikely chance that they have to be used, everyone knows what to do.

Below are a few pictures of the ship we went on in April 2017: Royal Caribbean Liberty of the Seas

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

4. “You don’t get enough time to see the destinations.”

I’ve been on 12 cruises and have never felt jipped on the amount of time I had at each port, but it truly depends on where you’re traveling. Going on a 7 day cruise to the Caribbean, Hawaii, and Alaska was a great amount of time to enjoy the port, but it would have been too little of time to discover the Mediterranean. When choosing a cruise, make sure to check the itinerary thoroughly so that you are aware of how much time you’ll have and so you can plan any excursions accordingly.

5. “I’ve done it before and hated it.”

Whenever I am told this, I immediately have to ask “Why?” and the majority of the answers are because of bad food and service. Just like hotels, there are cruise lines that have mediocre reviews and then there are those that make every passenger feel like they paid for a suite. If you decide to cruise for your annual trip, please try and choose a passenger line that will make your experience and money worth while! Remember, choosing a better line does not mean spending a lot more money!

Bonus: “Ships are too crowded.” Cruise ships are huge and while they do average between 1,500-2,500 passengers, they are laid out in a manner that doesn’t make you feel like you’re stepping on others toes. I’m not kidding when I say cruise ships are floating hotels! If you are uncomfortable with that many people, Oceania Cruises and Viking Cruises have much lower head counts, but they’re much higher in price!

Interested in taking a cruise? I will be blogging soon about ways to cruise well for less in a couple days, so stay posted!

Are there any questions or concerns I haven’t spoken about? Let me know and comment below! XO

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