Long Flight Essentials

In just one month we will be going to Maui for a close friends wedding and we are so excited! With today being the “unofficial first day of fall” for all the Pumpkin Spice Latte drinkers, it’s hard not to join in the buzz of red leaves, scarves and super cute boots. However, something tells me that by mid-October I will be more appreciative of the warm sun and sandy beaches! The only downside? Our 6 hour red eye flight with a 6am plane change.

Now I know that a 6 hour flight is not terrible, but when you’re trying to sleep in coach beside families with little kids who also can’t get comfortable, you might as well be on a 10 hour flight.

We have taken a handful of red eye flights mostly due to when we could take time off and the cost. It is definitely not our first choice, but knowing this upcoming flight will most likely not be our last overnight trip, I have narrowed down what items make a red eye or a flight longer than 3 hours more bearable.

1. Emergen-C: It may be all in my head (don’t think it is) but the air on a plane has a distinct smell that makes my skin crawl. I think about all the people who have been on it and get a little paranoid. Drinking a packet of Emergen-C before I board brings me some peace of mind. It provides you with all of the good vitamins and minerals you need to fight off any unwanted germs. It comes in several different flavors, but I usually mix mine with OJ. If you or the little one prefer something quicker, Emergen-C also sells gummy vitamins!

2. Hand Sanitizer: Speaking of germs, I always bring a travel size hand sanitizer. Clean hands are the best hands especially when hundreds of others have touched the same seat belt, tray and arm rest during cold/flu season. If you can help it, I recommend getting the general Purell sanitizer. The more fun ones from Bath and Body Works may cause you to receive disapproving looks from the other passengers…😬

3. A Mini Pharmacy: It is NO fun getting a headache or feeling nauseated on a plane and it’s worse if it’s happening to your little one. Make sure to be prepared just in case! Before our cruise, we bought Sea Bands which help prevent and alleviate nausea. They’re great because they work and you don’t have to take any medicine with them!

4. Snacks/Water: I know most flights offer peanuts, crackers, etc but people tend to dehydrate while in the air and salty foods do not help. Do your body a favor and purchase a healthy snack or small meal before getting on your flight and drink plenty of water!

5. Something to Read: As a writer, I LOVE the smell of books but I don’t like how heavy they are in my carry-on which is why I bring my Kindle. If available, download your reading choice to a kindle. It takes up less space and gives the option of having several reading choices. If you don’t have an e-reader, magazines are another good option because they don’t take up a lot of space. If you haven’t boarded the e-reader train and are interested, you can learn more about them here.

6.  Headphones: DO NOT FORGET YOUR HEADPHONES!!! They are pretty much a necessity on any flight no matter what length of time. They come in hand when the tinies are crying or you want to dull out the humming of the plane.

7. Phone charger: Whether you’re listening to music, watching a show or playing games, we use our phones a lot and most airlines have done pretty well with adapting to it. When booking your flight, check to s e if they offer inflight outlets. If not, make sure to charge up at the airport or you can purchase  a portable charger here for $11!

8. Sleep mask: For those of you who take red eyes, I’m sure you can relate. There will always be the one passenger who turns their overhead light on and the plane itself stays relatively lit up. Sleep would be next to impossible for me if I didn’t bring mine with me! You can find inexpensive ones at Target, Walmart, and Amazon.

9. Neck Pillow: It’s also pretty uncomfortable to sleep on a plane but it’s worse without a neck pillow. We tried sleeping on our red eye to Texas without one…36 hours of no sleep later we learned our lesson (See picture below haha). I spoke about this pillow in another blog about road trips. It is comfortable and supports your neck!

10. Something to Keep Warm: I love clothes and like looking somewhat fashionable, but I stop caring once I’m jammed in coach. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a sweater or blanket. The plane gets cold during night flights no matter how you adjust the fan.

11. Essential Oils: Whether you’ve used essential oils or not, I recommend bringing some! I use lavender on my wrists and peppermint on my neck for night flights. For day flights I use citrus on my wrists and under my nostrils to stay awake and for the fresh scent. I know a lot of people LOVE doTERRA, but I’ve used Healing Solutions and have found it just as good and it’s not as pricey! Tip: Don’t put it on during the flight unless you’re in the restroom because it may bother others and a little goes a long way!

12. Time Wasters: Whether you have kids or not, coloring books, puzzles and handheld games help the time pass by!

13. Rosewater Facial Mist: I recommend this for men and women! It not only makes you feel refreshed after a long flight but it rehydrated and brightens your skin! Best part? The travel size is only $5!

14. Make-Up: I implore you to bring your make up essentials! Concealer, chapstick/lipstick, eyebrow brush. When you’ve slept (or not slept) on a flight, these little touch ups go a long way.

15. Extra Clothes: As much as we hope that our luggage will arrive when we do, it’s not always the case. Having the most important clothing items will make you feel less grungy if your baggage doesn’t arrive until the following day.

16. Mints/Gum/ Travel Toothbrush: This is for you as well as for anyone you speak to.

Plane rides are much more enjoyable when you’re prepared! I hope the above items will make your trips easier! Comment below if you have any other items!

XO ✈️

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