Long Flight Essentials

In just one month we will be going to Maui for a close friends wedding and we are so excited! With today being the “unofficial first day of fall” for all the Pumpkin Spice Latte drinkers, it’s hard not to join in the buzz of red leaves, scarves and super cute boots. However, something tells me that by mid-October I will be more appreciative of the warm sun and sandy beaches! The only downside? Our 6 hour red eye flight with a 6am plane change.

Now I know that a 6 hour flight is not terrible, but when you’re trying to sleep in coach beside families with little kids who also can’t get comfortable, you might as well be on a 10 hour flight.

We have taken a handful of red eye flights mostly due to when we could take time off and the cost. It is definitely not our first choice, but knowing this upcoming flight will most likely not be our last overnight trip, I have narrowed down what items make a red eye or a flight longer than 3 hours more bearable. Continue Reading

Cruising Well for Less


I was introduced to cruising at the very young age of four (see picture above 😂), but the excitement of boarding a floating city has never left. The salty air, incomparable sunsets, and on-board amenities offer passengers a chance to relax and let loose, but that’s just the beginning! Each morning, you will wake up to a different port where you can discover a new part of the world you’ve not seen before. Whether you want to take in the stunning views of Alaska, scuba dive in the Caribbean, or eat pizza in Naples, cruising can take you there in style!

I am such a fan of traveling by ship, that I wanted to tell how I have been able to afford going on them without breaking the bank. Below are all of the ways I save money on cruising!  Continue Reading

5 Cruising Myths Debunked

1. “Cruising costs too much money.”

Like any vacation, you have to know your budget, but cruising on a lower budget is completely doable!! You can choose the cruise line, the length of the trip, your cabin style, the excursions you choose and where you go to lower flight costs. Look in advanced because once you have chosen your itinerary, you can make payments every couple months instead of having to pay it all upfront! I will also mention that when it is paid off, you won’t have any other costs (other than shopping or specialty dining if you choose) because buffets, room service and the main restaurants are included! Continue Reading

Portland, OR: Keepin’ it Weird


Portland is a very cool city with a vibe I haven’t found anywhere else! It is surrounded by water and forestry that creates a beautiful backdrop for downtown where you can find great food, drinks, shopping, and entertainment. Now that we have lived in the Portland area for a month, I wanted to share some of my favorite places to go and places to eat with you all! I feel so lucky to live here and I’m sure that in another month, I will have even more places to tell you about! Continue Reading