Top Ten Road Trip Must-Have’s

Woo! It has been such a crazy week! We said goodbye to Pullman and moved closer to family in Vancouver, had an amazing July 4th, and began looking at homes. It’s been great seeing our loved ones and getting adjusted to the area, but I have really missed writing! Before we moved, I planned on giving some tips on cruising (which I will still do in the upcoming weeks!) but decided that with having moved so many times in the past few years, I would tell you about my Top 10 Road Trip necessities that¬†anyone traveling any¬†distance should consider. Continue Reading

Best Places to Eat in the Palouse

Located on the most eastern tip of Washington, Pullman is home to about 30,000 residents in which a portion of them leaves each summer when WSU gets out. In fact, the only reason there are as many residents as there are is because WSU. It is the heart of this small town and it takes no time at all to learn that the locals are all die hard Cougs.

When we moved to Pullman, WA a year ago, we were apprehensive about what a small, college town would be like for two twenty somethings with no plans on returning to school or having kids any time soon. With the nearest city being an hour away and not much to do, we had plenty of time to discover the good eats within the area. Continue Reading

Girl on a Dime with Limited Time

If you’re just checking in for the first time, you missed my explanation as to why Get Up and Go was created. You can check that story out here, but long story short, I was tired of thinking that I was going to have to wait to travel to my hearts content. I no longer wanted to read or hear about other people’s amazing adventures; I wanted my own and I was going to figure out how to make that happen with limited time and limited funds.
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Seattle’s Best in Two Days

One of my favorite weekend getaways is located just a little over two hours from me in Seattle. It is a city that is big enough to fit the tastes of all who come, but small enough to where a weekend is a perfect amount of time to be a true tourist. Having spent several weekends here growing up and now as an adult, I have narrowed down the “must-see’s and do’s” if two days is all you have to explore. Whether you’re traveling with friends, young ones, or solo, my tips will be sure to cover the bests of Seattle and make your traveling worry free. Continue reading “Seattle’s Best in Two Days”